Welcome To Jab’s Fireworks

I-95 Exit 193 Dillon SC

(843) 841-9088

Discount Fireworks Warehouse Outlets

Open 7am – 11pm 7 Days

Choose your ammo from the list to the right or on smartphones scroll down!


  • I have been running a rig from NY to Fl for decades. Everyone always wants me to stop in SC and pick up some fireworks for them. I have shopped them all up and down I95 and JABS is the real deal! –John Thomas, Philadelphia PA

  • I never knew by the package of fireworks what was going to happen when I lit the fuse. Your videos are fantastic and my friends and family thinks I am an expert and know my fireworks. Ha Ha… I wont tell them if you don’t!–Frank Patterson, Charlotte NC

  • I can not believe how much lower your prices than down the road or at the beach. Last time I bought fireworks at the beach in a joint that guaranteed the lowest prices. On the way home we stopped at Jab’s and were disappointed we hadn’t waited to buy at Jab’s. We would have saved a small fortune.–Mark, Richmond VA